November 05, 2012


Canadians are under-informed as to the threats posed by our international environment. We grow up in a thankfully free, plural and open society. By and large, we espouse multicultural and welcoming views.

To  be sure, these are qualities. These are pillars of a society that relies on immigration and international cooperation for national prosperity. They are societal boons to be protected through policy and education.

However these very qualities are double edged in a world filled with actors who do not share our values. While we have collectively lowered our arms in a half-century bid for "proper" international relations, our enemies have not.

Yes Canadians, we have enemies. Are you Liberally shocked?

Oh, and by the way, we also have men and women waging covert war against these enemies every day of the year. It's just that in Canada, we neither hear about - nor place great value on - these national protectors.

Mr. Dwight Hamilton, a former member of Canada's military intelligence, has put together a very informative introduction to our various intelligence branches and challenges. With Inside Canadian Intelligence, every Canadian can benefit from reading the various chapters, written by three professionals who have experienced first hand the struggles described, and one journalist that has attempted to cover them.

At times, the book also takes shots at the very delicate, yet ever important, debate between democratic values and national security. Whichever side you may associate with on this debate, elucidations about how the intelligence apparatus views your arguments can be educational.

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